We create accurate and stunning illustrations for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, research institutes, and the publishing industry.
Our process starts with research and a thorough understanding of your objectives. We are experienced in taking complex descriptions, create sketches and drafts and turning these into clear and dynamic illustrations. We also tailor the illustration style to your specific project and audience. Our illustration style ranges from schematic to highly realistic illustrations rich in details. We use both 2D and 3D technologies, and are also trained in traditional illustration styles.
Our illustrations are used for web, journal publications, cover images, news releases, corporate presentations, posters and brochures.

Sometimes static illustrations aren't enough to explain a whole story or process. We create animated slides, interactive designs and full animations.
All our animations are based on research and a thorough understanding of your objectives from which we create a detailed storyboard. The style of our animations ranges from schematic to more elaborate animations including animated 3D images.
Our animations are used for web and scientific presentations.

Posters and brochures
Let us create your brochures, posters and custom presentations. Whether you need customized illustrations for your design materials or not, we can make your designs look stunning.
Our designs have been used to inform patients and pysicians, to promote conferences and as handouts for workshops and conferences.

Whether you have a specific idea for your logo or not, it is our passion to brainstorm ideas and come up with solutions specific to your needs.
To develop a logo, we will create several drafts and refine the concept you choose.

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