We are a visual communication studio creating accurate, engaging and beautiful images and animations for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, research institutes, and the publishing industry.
We specialize in visualizing complex scientific processes and topics. We take the viewer to the world of molecules and viruses. Here illustrations can have a particularly big impact on understanding and imagination.
It is a privilege to work in the rapidly transforming field of life sciences, work with stellar scientists and learn about new discoveries on a daily basis.
Layla Lang has eight years of experience as a scientific illustrator. Layla has specialized in molecular- and microbiology (Master of Science, ETH Zürich, Switzerland) and has graduated in science illustration (California State University Monterey Bay). Layla collaborates with graphic designers, illustrators and animators to handle projects on competitive timelines.
After working in the USA for the past eight years, Layla now lives and works in Thun, Switzerland. Layla accepts projects from around the world.

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